For a large part of our common history we, Europeans, barricaded ourselves behind our national realities, our borders and our mental barriers. We often ended up killing each other in the process.

Then, very recently, we chose a different path. For the first time in history Europe came together as one. We speak different languages and cherish different cultures, but we have chosen to unite around the idea that we are stronger together. We are the sum. Citizenship is our first name. European is our last name. Call us romantics, but we think that being a European is awesome! It doesn’t matter whether you are black, white, brown, yellow or green. It doesn't matter what your religion or political views are. We are a family that’s united in diversity.


And yet we are worried by recent evolutions in and around Europe. By the rise of populism and the deepening cracks in society. Democracy, human rights, basic freedoms and the rule of law are being challenged, just as the entire European project is as well. That is why we’ve decided to act. We’ve chosen to take a stance and celebrate our European ideals. With your help we created a clothing brand with a strong message: we are European by Choice.


European by Choice is not affiliated with the EU, nor is it connected to or sponsored by political parties. In fact, we don’t want to propagate an opinion, as to us, European by Choice is about something much more fundamental. It’s about people reaching out and coming together. That’s why 10% of all our profits will go to social and cultural projects that are designed to bring Europeans closer together.